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To display the current date using a specific calendar, you have to define at the minimum the settings CalendarName and CultureName. The calendar must be available in the selected culture or an error will be throwed. Please consult the list of calendars supported by Contry/Region to avoid errors. To display date using the default calendar, you just have to define the CultureName setting.

Please find below the list of supported settings with a summary. Consult each setting page for details.


<tm:CURRENTDATEEXT runat="server" ID="tmCURRENTDATEEXT" CalendarName="Korean" CultureName="ko-KR" />

<tm:CURRENTDATEEXT runat="server" ID="tmCURRENTDATEEXT" CultureName="th-TH" />

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kiraqi Nov 6, 2010 at 3:35 AM 
Great, it s working , Thank you Ploum,
Now , it s possible to view current date using two calendar (Gregorian et Hijir) in the same time ...
interesting documentation :)