To use the Current Date Extended Skin Object, you have to add it in your skin.
  1. Open your ascx skin file with your favorite editor. By using Visual Studio, you will benefit of the Intellisense help for settings.
  2. Register the skin object (see code sample below).
  3. Add the skin tag in your skin where you want to display a date using a rare calendar.
  4. Consult the Skin object settings for detail about available settings.

Sample code:

<%@ Register TagPrefix="tm" TagName="CURRENTDATEEXT" Src="~/DesktopModules/TidyModules.CurrentDateExtended/CurrentDateExt.ascx" %>
<tm:CURRENTDATEEXT runat="server" ID="tmCURRENTDATEEXT" CalendarName="Hijri" CultureName="ar-MA" DateFormat="D" />

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