Even if DotNetNuke support localization from a long time, most of times the [CURRENTDATE] skin object display dates using the Gregorian calendar. To be more precise, the date is displayed using the default calendar of selected culture. This is perfect for almost all country, but for several cultures it's not enough or it's inaccurate.

The Current Date Extended skin object allow you to display dates using rare and optional calendars available in a selected culture. However, you cannot use a calendar unsupported by the defined culture. As an example, you cannot use the Hebrew calendar with the en-US culture. To display the correct Jewish date using the Hebrew calendar, you have to define culture to he-IL. Please consult the Skin object settings for details.

If you try to use a wrong combination of settings, a generic error message will be displayed. Login to your website as host or admin and consult your site logs for details about the encountered error.

In addition, you can display date using the default calendar from a different culture if you don't specify a CalendarName. Thus, to display a date using the Thai Buddhist calendar whatever the current selected culture you just have to specify the CultureName as th-TH. Each culture have at the minimum a default calendar and some optional calendars, please consult the list of calendars supported by Country/Region for details.

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